The final transnational meeting occurred at the newly open San Juan De Dois, Madrid, where the partners met to finalise the Revival project. The partners discussed intellectual output one and the video resources on the website. Partners were advised to inspect their pages on the website for broken links and errors. The contents of output two were also discussed, and the Project protocol design was worked out at the meeting. .

The meeting was not all work; we had the opportunity to witness some raw theatre talents at the Fundación San José Hospital, where the Spanish partners presented the Revival project to the audience at their multiplier event, which consisted of people with and without disabilities. In addition, the revival project resources were shared with the audience at the event. We also got a chance to watch the impressive performance of the interpreter of Dan Zass by Anais and Lucia, and we were lucky to get their autographs at the after-party. This inclusive performing arts company demonstrated how corporal expression is an artistic manifestation capable of developing both performers and the public’s imagination, autonomy and sensitivity.

We also witnessed the participants who took part in the project sharing their experiences and resources created during the project to support the theatre. Another impressive performance was between Raquel and Fernando; their hilarious performance had the audience in stitches.

According to the Director of the San Juan de Dios in Spain, Josep Pifarre, the Revival Project exemplifies how we can work together irrespective of our centres, institutions, and countries and create and learn with people with disabilities and different professionals.
The REVIVAL project resources can make a big difference in the lives of adults with disabilities when introducing theatre techniques to them. It creates an avenue for everyone to learn and be creative together. The project shows everyone has talents and abilities, even if people don’t always see them. We hope to work with the partners on future projects.