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The Covid-19 crisis has had a big impact on people with disabilities and their ability to participate in cultural and educational activities. During the lockdowns in Europe, they could not go to their usual programs or events. This made it tough for professionals in the arts to offer their programs to people with disabilities, which are important for learning and developing skills. The pandemic has caused challenges for people with disabilities and the arts industry. However, people are finding ways to ensure that people with disabilities can access these important programs.

The European REVIVAL project is promoted by the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God. REVIVAL project represents an innovative and practical response to this inter-sectoral gap. It aims at opening new pathways of educational interaction between the creative sector and the adult disability world. Leveraging from the successful LET IT BE project (2018-1-ES01-KA204-050049), the partners – both educational and creative organizations – will develop a digital theatre education course and artistic works for adults with disabilities that will be available in an online creative, collaborative platform. 

 This website isa great resource if you’re interested in the REVIVAL project. It has lots of helpful information in six different languages. The resources on this site were created in collaboration with the participating partners, and there are guidelines, protocols, and training materials to help you make the most of the project. Whether you’re a member of the project or simply curious about its findings, this website has everything you need to know.

Interactive Theatre Workshops

In addition to working on content and organisational issues, interactive theatre workshops usually take place, attended by partners from 6 countries Portugal, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Greece.  These workshops were usually exciting because of the feedbacks receive from the clients 

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The Five E-Learning Modules

We have been working for the last months on creating these resources with creative partners from Spain, Greece and Austria along with social disability service providers from Ireland, Germany, Poland and Portugal in the REVIVAL project, and we hope to have the resources completed by September 2023. 


This workbook was created with the REVIVAL project. The manual is aimed at professionals who want to use digital tools to help people with disabilities in various to engage with drama activities. And it is also intended for the beneficiaries of these supports so that they can improve and personalise them to their needs.


Blended Mobility

The REVIVAL Blended mobility will be an opportunity for individuals who have been involved and benefitted from the REVIVAL project from six countries across Europe to come together in the spirit of ERASMUS and share and showcase some of the resources they have built and listened and learned from each other during a week-long event. 

News and Updates

Read our staff and service users news and updates on their involvement in the Revival project. What they have learnt, people they have met and places they have visited as a part of their collaborating with and learning theatre techniques from the creative partners from Austria, Greece and Spain, and working with the rest of the partners.

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