On the 27th of March, we took part in a great adventure of trying to navigate the great pressure of using air transport with David, Kevin and Gerald. I was impressed with the changes in Dublin’s airport stop and search as we went to lane 4; all of us shivered with the natural fear, but they made it so nice for us with minimal delay.

I was super impressed with how smoothly we operated the fear of take-off. We landed with some smiles, jokes and laughter.  With the great service of Spanish bus services, we all managed to work on our tans while we waited for over an hour for the bus. 

Gerald, David and Kevin were super excited to be in Spain and rushed to our hotel, left their bags and went straight out to see the city of Murcia.

Tuesday 28th, we got up to a lovely breakfast and got on the bus to see a lovely show from a local theatre group organised by one of our creative partners Fernando. Then went to see a campus where the actors worked and resided, which was very different to our day centres. The guys said they preferred their day centred in Dublin. 

We had lunch in a local park, and all of us didn’t like any of the food as it was sandwiches, but we made the best of it. That night was the ultimate test as we faced some tapas; the guys said it was like a bush tucker trail.

The next day, Wednesday the 28th, we did several good but quite long workshops, and we were all tired.  We managed to have, as the Spanish say, a little siesta. Later we found this great place that did loads of different foods and had digital menus in English. The guys loved this part of the night, but it got better when we went to the back.  There was a bar/nightclub, and Kevin, Gerald and David loved this, and it was a great night for all.



 It was also great for the guys from Dublin to meet other people from different countries and interacted and engaged with them and partook in different activities together.  Eoin. 


The last day of the trip was the best if you ask me as we went to the beach for a lovely lunch and exercise on the beach and in the water. Afterwards, we went to the hotel and got dressed up for our farewell party which was fantastic and made even more special by being David’s birthday.

Friday, we woke up to the day of leaving the heat of Spain behind and coming home to Dublin to the cold and rain, but we had some great memories and friendships to bring home and still talk about today and forever.

On this website, you can find all the tools to do your drama remotely. 


Eoin, David, Gerald and Kevin