REVIVAL is a European project aimed at supporting cultural and creative sectors that have been seriously affected by the Covid -19 pandemic and includes a team from 8 different countries such as Germany, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Poland and Portugal.
The project develops a digital theatre education course for adults with disabilities, which will are available on an online creative platform and not only introduces people with a disability to the world of theatre also covers the art of acting through body, verbal expression and social skills.

I have been working with the men and women in St John of God, holding workshops where the videos being developed in the Revival project were introduced to the men and women who participated in the workshops. These workshops gave us the opportunity to give feedback on the videos and to see what worked well and what changes to be implemented In the video to suit the Irish Participants. More than fifteen workshops were organised in Islandbridge with participants from various St John of God Centres.


 With the absent of drama teachers Revival video resources really help us to introduce various drama skills to our men and women. Veronika. 

In February, we were able to meet our REVIVAL Partners in Thessaloniki, Greece and
after plenty of online meetings beforehand, it was great to meet everyone in person. On the first day of the meeting, partners discussed the output 1 of the projects. The creative partners discussed what needed to be done on their own part for the successful completion of the project. Partners that have issues with the technical part of the project were given the opportunity to work with the creative partners from Ireland to resolve their issues.
On day 2 of the meeting, the partners moved to the output 2 of the Revival project but before that, we had the opportunity to introduce our Online Engage learning to our partners and showcase how engagement with our men and women were maintained online during the Covid -19 pandemic in Liffey Service. This led to a wider discussion on how it could be implemented in other services. We also illustrated how online engaged learning benefited our men and woman during the pandemic and how it is still being used now.

The meeting was rounded off with the preparation for the Multiplier Event meeting in Murcia. The partners agreed on a date for the meeting. And discussed various activities that will need to be developed to engage the participants coming to Murcia from all the partner countries.


Veronica Achleitner,  Islandbridge Saint John of God Liffey Services